Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The last week of making my baby.

My last post was Feb 7th, so I'll start from the next day.

On Friday, the 8th, my mom went with me to the weekly Perenatal appointment, where nurses monitor my contractions and baby's heart beat and measure the amount of amniotic fluid inside the sac. Nova went with us too and she was fascinated by the small dim room, soft music, the ultrasound and monitoring equipment. It was so nice to have her and my mom there to really get the idea into all of our heads that something exciting was happening in our lives; sharing the experience with them was extra special and I'd recommend to others that they consider bringing their loved ones to as many pre-natal appointments as possible. But, I was now 1 day overdue and beginning to fret. No signs of strong contractions yet. So, I agreed to another painful sweeping of the membranes, which the nurse did for me in hopes that over the weekend I'd be having my baby! That night I began to feel something. My mucus plug fell out in grey gooey blobs into the toilet. I tried speed reading a Hypnobirthing book as if cramming for a next-day test! I started frantically texting my doula, who calmed me down and told me to relax and rest. I was sure the baby would come tomorrow. The next morning I was so excited. I had been having "strong contractions" all through the night. But they were not "painful" and I had been able to sleep through most of them. My doula made plans to come over that day. But long story short, we canceled that, because everything went back to normal. More mucus was coming out but the "strong contractions" had stopped by mid-morning. On Sunday, Feb 10th, my mom and I went out for lunch at Lovey's Tea Shoppe. It was a gorgeous day and tea, scones, and finger sandwiches ago perfectly with spending time with the woman who made you! :) I was in better spirits and happy to just relax and WAIT with my family close beside me.

Monday, Feb 11. In a text to Cherlyn, my doula and friend, I said the following when asked how I was feeling: "Just wobbly and resigned to this state of limbo. I still have lots of contractions but nothing very regular."
Tuesday, Feb 12. "Painful ones all night long about 7 mins apart. Still going. Im gonna call my doctor now." Later: "I have an apt for fetal monitoring at 1:30 but I may try to move it up so a nurse can check me earlier." Later: "Just really depressed feeling. Brett's taking me out to lunch then apt at 1:30."

Brett's mother had arrived the previous day and now I had two moms, a husband, a beloved old cat and a three year daughter all at home cheering me on. I was now 4 days overdue. Both moms said to go have a nice relaxing lunch with Brett, "but pack the car just in case" because they were quite sure we would not be coming home that day. Well.... THEY WERE RIGHT!
(to be continued....)

Nova at last fetal monitoring apt.

The men in my life, Brett & Chango. Waiting. Waiting.
Grandma Lily, Nova, Brett. We went walking on the Pier.
My Mommy having tea time.

My firstborn and me. Waiting. Waiting.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 40 10:18 pm

Earlier today I wrote a blog entry which many of you read. I am updating you on events since then.

I am not in labor.

I saw my OB this afternoon and she did a pelvic exam. I was 1 centimeter dilated but not much effaced. This surprised me because in my first pregnancy I was 80% two weeks prior to labor and didn't dilate at all until almost two days into labor. Goes to show you never can predict how each experience will be.

Dr Lamar explained to me what is meant by the medical expression "sweeping the membranes". I agreed to try it out. Since my mom was with me and she was really excited to see things progress quickly we felt 'why not?!'. Neither the doctor nor my own  dear mother felt it necessary, however, to warn me just how fucking painful this procedure was going to be. Thanks guys! That really hurt! I screamed and squirmed while a gloved finger swirled around between the inner lining if my uterus and the outer lining of my baby's amniotic sac. This motion is meant to separate them and has a questionable chance of inducing contractions strong enough to start labor within a day or so. But no real strong contractions have happed yet and it is now 8 hours later. Just regular Braxton Hicks as usual, coupled to my discomfort with soreness and light bleeding.

Tomorrow Brett will work from home again like yesterday in case the show does goes on.

And as an extra bonus - we are scheduled for a few real induction on Feb 13, 6 days from now. That way we can be sure to have the grandmothers around when Little Baby Girl Duncavage the Sequel makes her big debut. And her birthday would be cool: 2/13/13.

Stay tuned! Thank you and goodnight.

PS - I had two sangria's with dinner. Ole'!

Sunset Mother Goddess Photo

Photo Courtesey of C Wagner Photography (c)

40 weeks Sigh.

Every waking moment I am uber aware of impending labor. Every minuscule baby movement inside me, every twinge of abdominal tissue, every sharp intestinal cramp, every uterine practice contraction alerts me to the possibility that IT is beginning. But alas, so far, these signals are always false. They are just normal everyday bodily functions and/or typical late pregnancy baby activities.

But today is my DUE DATE! My EDD! I have never been pregnant this long in my life! Nova was born two days before my EDD. So I was sure her little sister would also be early. Wrong. Although she has been in proper position to be born for weeks now, she seems fine just staying put. Or maybe it's my super strong uterus that is refusing to let her go, like a mama of itself, grasping onto her jealously before it gets to be my turn o her her tight. Give her up, uterus please, open up that softened cervix and pop your warm safe water balloon of an amniotic sac so things can get started. I do not necessarily relish the idea of strong contractions happening and causing me pain. But I want this human being out of my insides and in my arms where I can see and smell and kiss her. Also, I want my body back (for I am so physically uncomfortable and miserable.) Also, I am bored. And ready to be a mother of two.

My mom has arrived on scene! And she is scheduled to depart in 4 days - another reason this baby needs to make an appearance. Grandma Pat would like to meet her. Grandma Lillian is coming in a few days too. Everyone is anxious and waiting patiently for you, baby girl. We wanna party!

Going to an OB appointment in a couple of hours with Dr Lamar. We will see what she has to say and/or feel about what is happening in the dark pink recesses of my body cavities. I will write more after that to inform all you anticipating readers....

Monday, January 28, 2013

So tired. So crazy.

I've been sleeping a lot. Like a lot. Yesterday I never changed out of my pajamas.

Been nesting a lot too. Doing newborn laundry, setting up cribs, washing cars, strollers. Collecting feeding materials and begging for free stuff on the Pacifica Mothers Club email forum. Giving away and cleaning out stuff we don't need.

Eating lots, but not necessarily well. Lots of cookies mostly. Drinking lots of water. Taking lots of stool softeners. Joy.

Reading Storm of Swords (book 3 in Song of Ice & Fire Series, George RR Martin). This is one of the only things keeping me from going crazy in my head -  waiting and obsessing over my baby being born. If I don't read or watch movies and/or tv online I cannot clear my head of her. She is like an ever-present enigma haunting my every thought. It makes me feel like a lunatic. Every cramp I get in my body makes me jump to conclusions that it is time to start labor. But it never really is. So I sit on the couch or lay in bed when I can and stare at my phone, reading facebook, twitter, news, playing crosswords and other games, or I read and/or watch tv online (Vampire Diaries sometimes, like a airhead teenage sorority girl.)

And then there is Nova, my three-year-old. Of course I am taking care of her too. But Brett's been doing more and more for her and me so that I can rest. But she is nevertheless my first priority. I try so hard to be a good mom to her and keep her happy and entertained. Do I even have to say that? Hope it is a non-issue. I think I will take her to Hop N Play today after lunch.

Secretly: I wish my Mommy were here. And Brett's Mom too. I feel like they could help so much getting this house in order and keeping Nova occupied and me sane. But my mom cannot come until absolutely the last minute. And Brett's parents won't come until my mom is leaving, so as to prolong our having people around to help out with the new baby. So I just wait. And feel a bit lonely doing it all by myself. Obsessing I mean. I am utterly alone in my obsessive mommy brain.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Full Term Time!

Hi Readers,
A few days ago I reached "full term" pregnancy, meaning that at 37 weeks (out of the average 40), my baby is all the way developed and should be able to live comfortably outside the womb. So any day now we can expect her to make an appearance! According to the OB we saw last week, this baby is pretty small but "just the right size for my body" and her head is down and in a good position to be born. No other signs of labor though. They won't do a pelvic exam until maybe next week as those kinds of invasive procedures can unnaturally induce labor. But I am curious if my cervix is effacing. Last time I had a baby, I was effaced 80% two weeks prior to labor and my mucus plug fell out that early too (TMI, you say? Sorry, that sounds pretty gross, but it's all part of the game!) This time around, still no bloody show yet and I am two weeks from 40. So maybe I won't have these signs until right when everything goes down.

We wait....

Another thing - I did get a Group B Strep test last week and it came out positive. Here is a note from the OB:

Dear Jennifer,
Your Group B Strep (GBS) culture came back positive; you are a carrier for GBS at this time. This means that when you go into active labor, or after your water breaks, you will need antibiotics. I've included more information below. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Robyn A Lamar

As long as I get those antibiotics, there is little risk that our baby will be infected. So no cause for alarm. I have read though, that one shouldn't wait too long to go to the hospital once labor has started. So maybe I won't dally at home where we planned to ride out much of the process. Cherlyn, my doula, should know this asap. I will tell her tonight.

Two days from now I go in for get an anti-stress test. That's something to do with blood pressure or something. They monitor the baby's heart for a while and do an ultrsound. I don't know if I need this. But I like ultrasounds! So I opted to get it done.

K. That's it for now. Like I said.... We wait....

Monday, January 7, 2013

All Pics Post! Getting ready to launch.

Guess which Vega is Which. 8 months vs 5 months. So cool that my sister and I are having babies so close togeher! Hers is a boy! Yay!

Nova was very helpful at the last Midwife Apt. She held the doppler so we could hear Baby's heartbeat.

 Daddy's Hands Making a Heart over Mommy's Belly. (photo courtesy Cherlyn Wagner)

Nova Wishing her Baby Sister a Merry Christmas.
(photo courtesy Cherlyn Wagner)

Brett and I on the Maternity Ward Tour at UCSF.
(photo courtesy Cherlyn Wagner)

Looking in at the Newborn Nursery at UCSF.
(photo courtesy Cherlyn Wagner)

Proud San Francisco Mom. (GG Park and Marin in background)
(photo courtesy Cherlyn Wagner)

The new mini crib my mom sent! I assembled it and Nova helped too.

Spending lots of quality time with my first baby, Nova. She will soon have to share my love. :( But also :) At Sabino Canyon, Tucson, AZ.